Two-bit Angel (Novel)

Getting tossed into freefall from a metaphysical city in the sky isn’t necessarily a problem, even if the angel you’re with is malfunctioning. Picking up the pieces can be.

Ian Scott is a wiseass who wears his emotions on the sleeve of the jacket he keeps locked in the back of his closet. Preferably under a pile of old boots. No stranger to the thin parts of the world, he takes everything from tornadoes to rampant hallucinations in stride. But when his adventures leave an innocent broken, he’s not one to move on without setting things right.

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Esoterics (Collected Illustrated Books)

Collecting four fully-illustrated books:
Black Bird: one soul’s journey through the afterlife.
Honey Boy: the tale of an ostracized messiah.
Degrees of Cohesion: a surreal step through the tarot trumps.
Stephen’s Box: a young man’s struggle for self-realization.
With a new forward and notes by the author.

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Esoterics and Horrors (Collection of Illustrated Books)

Out of Print

Steeped in occult themes, Tarot, Kabbalah, Satanism, Bardo Thodol, and the atrocities of the evening news, Esoterics and Horrors brings together a decade of humor, horror, philosophy, and personal observation.

Collecting six fully illustrated stories:
Black Bird: A lyrical telling of one soul’s journey through the afterlife.
Honey Boy: An ostracized savior changes the world.
Degrees of Cohesion: A surreal journey through the Tarot trumps.
Stephen’s Box: A young man’s struggle for self realization.
The Haunting of St. Mary’s: A rope-skipping tale of a vengeful ghost.
Reverend Nasty’s Horror Show: A carny pitch for the most horrifying show on earth.
A Monster at My Doorstep: A collection of twelve stand alone illustrations, each telling of the charming interactions between monsters and children.
Parental discretion is advised.

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